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Cellulite Treatments
Waxing Services
Monique Massage Treatments


Mini Facial…
Do you want to feel and look your best without going over your budget? This facial begins with steam during the cleansing process and extractions are performed.
Time: 30 Minutes  Price: $62.00

Teen Facial…
A highly clinical specific treatment that goes further than a typical cleansing. By regulating the production of sebum instead of drying out and controlling inflammation., the skin is cleared of painful and unsightly blemishes. The client is then taught how to maintain his/her skin.
Time: 30 – 45 Minutes  Price: $65.00
Monthly Maintenance – Time: 30 Minutes  Price: $45.00

Ageless Beauty
An ultimate relaxation for the senior over sixty two. The skin is cleansed thoroughly, properly exfoliated, extractions are performed. The skin is then massaged and appropriately moisturized to make you feel like a million dollars.
40 Minutes  Price: $58.00

Revitalizing Facial…
Escape into your own little paradise as your skin is cleansed with a deep pore cleanser and steam; extractions are performed followed by a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. Welcome home looking better than ever!
45 Minutes  Price: $68.00

Ultimate Facial…
Long lasting deep hydrating facial will revive even the most dehydrated skin eliminating signs of everyday stress, giving your skin the lift it needs to make you look and feel younger.
Time: 75 Minutes  Price: $90.00

Paraffin Treatments
$10.00 Hands

$10.00 Feet

Eye Treatments
Prices Vary

$80.00 & up

Cellulite Treatments
Gx-99 Vibratory Endermatic System
Series of six treatments help with the reduction of cellulite which plagues more than 90 % of American women. Cellulite treatments work by increasing local blood circulation and gently stretching the vertical connective fibers, reducing dimpling.

Single Sessions

Scalp Treatments

Revitalizing Scalp Treatment
The pure essence of Lavender, Sage, and Geranium are deeply massaged into the scalp for hydration. Excellent for dry, dehydrated and sensitive scalps.  For optimum results leave in for several hours. 
20 Minutes  Price: $25.00

Waxing Services

Arms (Half) $20.00
Arms (Half w/ Hands) $20.00
Arms (Full) $30.00
Back $37.00
Bikini $25.00
Brazilian $35.00 & up
Chest $30.00
Chin $10.00
Eyebrow Sculpture $25.00
Legs (Full) $50.00
Legs (Full w/ Bikini) $65.00
Legs (Half) $21.00
Neckline $10.00
Sideburns $10.00
Tummy $10.00
Underarms $10.00
Upper Lip $12.00

Monique’s Massage Treatments

Pure Indulgence Massage
This relaxing treatment incorporates Swedish and other massage strokes together promoting relaxed muscles, increased flexibility, and improved circulation. Add on aromatherapy for $5
Onsite:   Time: 60 minutes  Price: $110.00                                                                               Time: 90 minutes  Price: $165.00

Signature Deep Tissue Treatment Massage
This is the perfect massage for those who have recent or past injuries, or whose active lifestyle includes fitness, sports, dance, musical instruments, or whose lives are lived on the go and filled with stress. This deep tissue treatment will unwind and loosen you up.  Additionally, focus is placed on specific areas that require deeper relief using a combination of slow strokes.  Add on aromatherapy for $5
Onsite:   Time: 60 minutes  Price: $110.00                                                                               Time: 90 minutes  Price: $165.00

Pregnancy Massage (Pre & Post Natal)
I will gently ease away the stress in your body. I will place you into a restful, side lying position that will allow you to relax and feel secure while I attend to those unique aches and pains you may never have experienced before. Add on aromatherapy for $5
Onsite:   Time: 60 minutes  Price: $110.00                                                                               Time: 90 minutes  Price: $165.00

Signature Senior Massage
This massage is designed for seniors who may face limited mobility in one or multiple places of their bodies.  I work with providers and offer relaxation, increased circulation, and target areas that are sore, stiff, or knotted.  Add on aromatherapy for $5
Onsite:   Time: 60 minutes  Price: $110.00                                                                               Time: 90 minutes  Price: $165.00

Tech Relief Massage
Are you constantly using modern technology devices (computers, smart phones, tablets, etc.) and feeling the toll they take on your body?  Consider adding on this 30-minute treatment to your full body massage session or use it as a mini treatment. I focus on the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, wrists and upper body. This is the solution to relieving the tension and stress from use of our modern devices.
Price: Call for pricing.

Hi Frequency Massage Therapy

Rapid Release Planar Wave Energy/Hi Frequency
An advanced treatment tool that works fast as it targets a specified area using planar wave energy that targets unhealthy scar tissue while passing thru healthy tissue.  This treatment quickly provides relief from: frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, muscle spasm, range of motion, headaches, TMJ, carpal tunnel, neuroma, back, knees, tendonitis, trapped nerves, etc. This is a 15- minute session that can be booked in between regular sessions or added on to a regular massage service above.
Price: Call for pricing.